Aware and appreciative of a benefit; grateful.
Expressive of gratitude.
thank'ful·ly adv.,
thank'ful·ness n.

  • love being a grama
  • love Dean
  • love ALL my kids
  • get hungry when watching Biggest Loser
  • wish I was more like Ryan
  • love to sew
  • would love a good nap
  • Interior Design major
  • love to travel
  • love being a grama
  • had home-sewing business until kids were in grade school
  • loved to play volleyball and basketball
  • love to watch volleyball, basketball, and football
  • wish I could still play volleyball and basketball
  • love to go to the movie
  • want to be like my big sister when I grow up
  • love being a grama
  • loved watching my kids play sports
  • made prom dresses for my girls
  • love to sew
  • have GREAT friends and family
  • love to do handwork
  • love being an aunt
  • love to read Ė when time permits
  • would love a full nights sleep
  • donít have enough time to get it all done
  • part of the BEST family
  • hope to be as good as my brother Mike
  • love to watch Survivor & Greatest Race
  • would love another nap
  • canít live without DP (well could, but donít want to)
  • love being called grama
  • canít wait to have more grandkids
  • love being mom to Ryan
  • love all our helpers
  • love Dean
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